Idea Alert! DIY Balloon Display | Female Photographer Dubai

So. As female photographers in Dubai, we’re obviously constantly searching for cutesy ideas online. Ok maybe it has nothing to do with us being photographers – and everything to do with being girly-girls.

And here’s a REALLY good one! 🙂 Need a cutesy idea to surprise or cheer someone up? Here’s an adorable DIY idea which (we promise) will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

On a birthday with photos from being a newborn up until some current ones – those baby pictures are bound to bring about a giant ‘OhMyGod!’ (either an excited one or an embarrassed one).

At anniversaries, with photos of the two of you from all the special memories you’ve captured over the years – guaranteed ‘awwwww’ moments with this idea.

As a decorative idea at a wedding – all the guests can have a polaroid taken and are requested to write a message for the Bride & the Groom. After which the photos can be put into an album or a guest book (or even bound together if you’re a little crafty).

So. Do try this and let us know whose day you made! And if you think of more creative ways to use this, please do share! 🙂

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