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Bride Club ME got in touch with us to do a profile on us, and we of course, were thrilled to comply!
Here are some snippets from our interview with them.

How long has ‘Candid Kama’ photography been established and what do you do?
Weddings have always been our first love – we love everything about them. The glitz, the pomp, the celebration, the laughter, and most importantly, the love – to us, weddings are magic. We always knew we wanted to be Wedding Photographers, even when we were both completely immersed in the glitz and glamour of the Advertising world.  So we took the big jump together and Candid Kama Photography officially opened it’s doors on the 1st of January, 2013 – we’ve been capturing your special moments ever since!

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We started Women’s Portraiture about 6 months later, because as female photographers, we wanted to make women feel beautiful again. We all know of the barrage women face in modern media – we feel like we’re just not enough – not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not shiny enough. Through women’s portraiture, we want women of all ages to see the beauty in themselves – the beauty that people who love them, see in them every single day. The experience is designed to pamper and celebrate the everyday woman. When you love who you are, you glow from within.

Irrespective of the type of shoots we do, our style is chic and contemporary, with a touch of quirkiness. We discuss everything with our clients to make sure that everyone is happy and relaxed when the lights go on!

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What do you love most about your work?
For wedding photography in Dubai, we love the candid creative angle that we allow ourselves. We’re constantly trying to find new and imaginative ways to capture these amazing moments, that families, friends, and the couple are completely lost in.

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 The things you see at weddings from behind your lens are really amazing. It’s an invitation to document one of the most important days of a couple’s lives – What’s not to love about Wedding photography!

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Do you have any exciting projects coming up?
We’ve spent the summer renovating our photo studio in Dubai, and are going to be opening our doors again, in September. We’re super excited, and are itching to get back in there and do what we do best!

Describe your unique style and approach to photography?
Our style is chic and contemporary with a hint of quirkiness.

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Weddings to us are an opportunity to create timeless works of art for the couple, through our images, but we really wanted to be unique – the kind of images that a couple in love can look at and say ‘Aww, I want to remember our wedding like that!!”

Our artistic approach to photography is based on several factors, including our passion for capturing candid, real moments, a love for colours and textures, and a keen eye for detail.

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Our style focuses on capturing dimension and emotion with the artistic use of light – it’s something we’re crazy passionate about and you’ll see it in our work as well.

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How can our readers (Brides & Grooms) benefit from your services?
Rather than just being photographers who show up on the day of your wedding, we think of ourselves as the couple’s photography consultants.
We’ve done so many weddings, that we’ve watched nearly every scenario that could occur at a wedding unfold very intimately. We know the peaks, the dips – we know how to turn a potentially wasteful 2 hours’ trying shoot, into a quick and breezy 20 minutes, and how to tackle the many mini-emergencies that couples have to face on their wedding day.
The best part is that all of the experience we gain from our weddings, goes to benefit of future clients – win win!

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