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Joshna got in touch with us from India when she came across our work. She booked us for her glamour portraiture session 3 months in advance.

She came into her session a little apprehensive, a little excited, a little nervous.

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Regular readers of this blog know that we are hardly, if ever, at a loss for words. But when we read what Joshna had to say about her experience, we decided to just let her do all the talking 🙂

Enter Joshna.

“There is always a stage in a woman’s life where you really doubt yourself and feel low (both mentally and physically). For me it happened after I had my angel. The first one year went by like a dream. Slowly it started sinking that I no longer feel young or look like my old self.

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That’s when I saw the pictures that you had posted of someone on FB (the timing was impeccable, literally a God send). I thought to myself why not’? This is a great way and opportunity to doll up and look like a model (lol).

I was definitely very nervous and apprehensive as I didn’t know how the end result would turn out. For me during the shoot – the two of you had such great spirit. Talking ‘n cracking jokes and being yourselves really kept me so calm and positive.

The end result was mind blowing.

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I know (though I keep it to myself) that I am not that bad looking (meaning everyone looks beautiful in their own way). But after seeing the photos I was like “wwaaaht!!! Seriously !! U guys didn’t photoshop me right?”(lol).

What really was an eye opener or wakeup call was I always looked at myself like how the pictures came out. But most of the time I tend to see myself through others eyes and doubted myself. Thinking if someone praises you only it means you’re beautiful (from inside or outside). So I have come to a conclusion and realization, screw the world I am only gonna see myself through my eyes alone.


Loads of love. Keep doing the great work.

Bless you.”

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